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A good school incursion is one where Kids learn to make something new as well as broaden their horizon!

At “Chef Up!” we are dedicated to spreading our love for good homemade food as well as sharing our culture and know-how.

What’s said about us on our Facebook page:

I had the guys from Chef Up come and work with my French classes at Turramurra High. I have been teaching for over ten years and it is by far the best French incursion I have seen. They were organised, knowledgable, professional and fun. The kids loved it! Stephanie (French Teacher, Turramurra High School)

Posted by Ol Stephanie on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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That is why our workshops mix education with cooking:
– Learn about what is in your plate: the qualities of different ingredients, what they are used for, where they come from! Visit France through different famous regional dishes, and discover our history, traditions and their origins
– with a very practical approach of cooking.

These workshops are interactive & creative, with lots of questions, french words to be learned and the kids’ own masterpieces to make. Whether it is making Crepes, Patisserie, or Canapes, it is always a fun & delicious time, with knowledge to take home!

Of course with big accomplishments come great rewards! After eating all this delicious food, kids will:
– receive their Chef Diploma
– take pictures in our Photobooth


  • The school provides: Tables, water & power supplies, and for the Pastry workshop an oven (doesn’t have to be in the same room)
  • We provide: All the rest + an extra fun and knowledge!

    The benefits of our classes are:

    Educational & Cultural: kids learn about what they eat, the different ingredients, and in the process they learn how to eat better. They also learn about France, as well as about food and our Food culture. Questions such as “What is so different about Food in France?” or “What is The Gastronomic meal of the French and why is it inscribed on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO?” will find their answers during the incursion.

    – Kids develop a Healthy interest and taste for food, knowing what they eat and that they can make it themselves. This Healthy dimension is important indeed. In a sense that knowing what you eat and being able to cook for yourself makes you conscious of what you do bad or wrong. The food culture is socially healthy as well, as this extended time around food is used to exchange, celebrate, discuss and learn.

    Actual knowledge and know-how to take home & reproduce with their families.
    Our workshops are for Highschool kids of all levels. The Canapés workshop is slightly more advanced as it includes the use of knives and more delicate recipes.

    In our Hands-on workshops, we’ll learn how to:

    Crêpe Workshop: (need power points in the room)
    – make the batter
    – make a crème montée
    – cook crêpes
    – Associate different topping tastes (fruits, home made salted caramel etc…)

    Canapés: (slightly more advanced workshop)
    Composition canapes

    Example of Canapés & Verrines

    – make a mayonnaise
    – roll a maki (with quinoa)
    – season your food properly
    – make a crème montée
    – present food in a jar, with layers
    – and all sorts of Chef’s tips & tricks

    Discovery tasting
    Discovery tasting
    Let’s discover tastes from the 4 corners of France!
    – learn how to choose good ingredients such as fruits & vegetables, as well as their origins and fun facts about them
    – taste 5 French regional recipes, learn about them and observe how the ingredients have changed when cooked
    – Quizz in teams: try and list all the ingredients in each recipes! The winning team will get a special reward!

    Pastry party: Patisserie (need an oven, in the room or not)
    Pastry party
    Make an eclair, a chouquette and a crispy fruit tart
    – make choux pastry
    – make sable pastry (sweet shortcrust pastry)
    – make a crème patissière

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