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Hard skills in a Soft environment!

Make 5 to 7 different recipes, sweet & savoury, and enjoy it all together
around a drink in a friendly atmosphere!

First romantic date: From dating site to first meet.

What can be cooler than a feeling that makes you live, create, inspire you. Falling in love is a time when big gestures, crazy actions, and romance are needed in everything - texting, calling, and dating. You can go to the movies, or you can organize a romantic evening alone at home or in the park ... 

The options are endless. The most romantic dates usually start from the best dating sites in australia. Singles first meet will not be forgotten in a million years. How to organize a romantic date at home? 

1) Inspire. A romantic date can be organized anywhere: a rooftop, a park, a hotel, a house, nature, the river bank or the seaside. It depends on the imagination of the author, the time of year and the desire. 

2) How to make an appointment for the other half? Find out what he dreams about. Study and memorize clues, seemingly insignificant words, sayings. When you watch movies, when you share the news, when you go out for a walk. Pay attention to the little things. Clues can lurk everywhere. 

3) Now that you know the dreams, move on to the next step: preparation. For a romantic date to be really beautiful, you have to calculate everything in detail (online chat on dating site is easier, right?): the place, the time, the decoration, the food, the drinks. Here we will probably give 5 tips from our practice: 

1. In cold weather, avoid open places where the wind blows or it may rain. If you decide you want to be outside, count on an awning or umbrella as a last resort. 

2. On warm summer days, choose parks, cottages, and rooftops. A picnic on a soft blanket, with a crisp baguette and a bottle of wine can be more romantic than dining in a crowded restaurant. 

3. Do not neglect the decoration: candles, petals, flowers, lanterns. The image of romanticism, tenderness and love resides in these innocent little things. 

4. For dinner, make a salad and a light and simple hot dish. During the planning of romantic dates and classic marriage proposals we have found that appetizers, cheese trays, nuts, fruits and sushi are best for a romantic dinner. Some people may find this set too modest, but on dates, as a rule, not on food. 

5. Pay special attention to the wine. If you prefer red, it is best to choose dark and saturated Italian wines, with a sour taste and deep berry aromas. White wines, on the other hand, are best chosen fresh, with delicate grape aromas. In winter, make mulled wine, it will warm you up, and the smell of cinnamon will create a New Years atmosphere. Sparkling wines and champagne are classic options for dates. Date more often. Delight your loved ones.

We will adapt our workshop to your business objectives! We attach great importance to the benefits
you get from our workshops, and we'll tailor it to your needs!
1.5h to 2.5h
Challenging, Fun and friendly!

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There is nothing like a good challenge!

As in a certain successful TV show, you’ll be tasked, in teams, with creating the best,
most creative Menu with specific ingredients and in a limited amount of time!

Careful, our Head Chef is watching!
The challenge gets to its end with a vote designing the winning team and other prizes.
We’ll enjoy your recipes all together with matching wine.
3 hours
Creativity and bonding guaranteed!

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