Company’s Team Building

With our original hands-on functions & team building activities, everyone gets challenged in a fun way! Whether relaxed or more competitive, we’ll meet your company’s objectives with specially designed workshops!

Ask us for a short presentation of our services at your office, with french breakfast included!


Hard skills in a Soft environment!

Make 5 to 7 different recipes, sweet & savoury, and enjoy it all together
around a drink in a friendly atmosphere!

We will adapt our workshop to your business objectives! We attach great importance to the benefits
you get from our workshops, and we'll tailor it to your needs!
1.5h to 2.5h
Challenging, Fun and friendly!

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There is nothing like a good challenge!

As in a certain successful TV show, you’ll be tasked, in teams, with creating the best,
most creative Menu with specific ingredients and in a limited amount of time!

Careful, our Head Chef is watching!
The challenge gets to its end with a vote designing the winning team and other prizes.
We’ll enjoy your recipes all together with matching wine.
3 hours
Creativity and bonding guaranteed!

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Our exceptional venues in Sydney!

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Your own group event!

Tailor a perfect time around food and drinks for your group!

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School activities

Best hands-on school incursion in Sydney!

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Groups & Companies

Want to do something out of the ordinary?

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