Canapés & Verrines

CHILLED GREEN PEAS VELOUTE & PROSCIUTTO CHIP (Green peas, mint, goat cheese, prosciutto) SCALLOP TARTARE & CAULIFLOWER MOUSSE (with lime zest, chives & parmegiano chip)

PROVENCAL TART (Tomatoes, Confit onions, Asparagus, Goat cheese & Pesto) aaaaaaaaaa

SCALLOP ON ITS CHORIZO SAUCE (Cooked scallop on a well seasoned chorizo & sauce mix)

SCALLOP ON ITS CHORIZO SAUCE (Cooked scallop on a well seasoned chorizo & sauce mix)

APPLE CRUMBLE (caramelised apple, crumble, vanilla creme fouettee) 

APPLE CRUMBLE (caramelised apple, crumble, vanilla creme fouettee) 

MINI CONFIT LAMB TARTE (with smoked babaganoush, tapenade and mint sauce on a home-made shortcrust pastry)


SALMON VERRINE (Salmon tartare with its lemon and dill crème fouttée)

KINGFISH & ORANGE NIGIRI SUSHI (Pavot, Sesame seeds, & Orange supreme)

STRAWBERRY DESSERT VERRINE (Strawberry and Strawberry coulis, Greek yogurt, Lime zest, Mint)


POLENTA & COMFIT LAMB SANDWICH (with smoked babaganoush, Zucchini compotée, Olives)


QUINOA & GOAT CHEESE MAKI (Quinoa, Goat cheese, Carot, Seasoning sauce and Chives)

HONEY BEEF SQUEWER (Beef marinated in Honey sauce, Onions, Sesame, Thyme & Coriander)

CLASSIC JAPANESE SALMON AVOCADO MAKI (with its seasoning and lemon supreme)

CHICKEN MAYONNAISE CALIFORNIA ROLL (Chicken in Basil and Lemon Mayonnaise with Sesame oil and Sundried tomatoes)

(Confit orange supreme, Pineapple carpaccio, Mint on Rice pudding)

Canapes from above

Canapes from above

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